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Welcome to top 10 app reviews. We review the most popular online apps. Our reviews aren’t limited to mobile and tablet apps, but we also take a look at the most popular web apps. Our team uses the apps for multiple hours, spread across a couple of weeks. This way we are able share more than only our first impressions. We like to dive deep into the apps, to be able to share the real user experience and pros and cons of the apps. Register for our newsletter to learn about the latest apps and find out what we think about the newest updates.


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At we only review Mobile Apps & Web Apps. Both Free Apps & Paid Apps are being reviewed.


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There are a lot of Paid Apps out there, but are they really worth it? In every review we will tell you if it's worth your money.


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Our App-Reviewers will always tell you if they liked or disliked the app and why. Therefore you will know what to expect.

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